GamePlan is project planning and scheduling software that will help you complete your projects on time

Watch GamePlan in action in the short (2:30) video below

How is GamePlan unique?

  • GamePlan is a visual planner. Creating a plan is like drawing on a whiteboard.
  • GamePlan is so easy to use that anyone can create project plans.
  • GamePlan is also a project scheduler. Gantt charts are automatically created.
  • GamePlan is the only software to combine visual planning and project scheduling.
  • GamePlan is the only software that is easy to use and helps complete projects on time.

How does GamePlan benefit you?

  • GamePlan visually communicates the project plan, so everyone understands it.
  • GamePlan improves project success because everyone works from the same online project plan.
  • GamePlan shows how any delay in the project affects the project completion date.
  • GamePlan shows how adding people to the project can change the project completion date.
  • GamePlan increases team accountability through clear reporting on individual performance.

The image below shows GamePlan. In the centre is the GamePlan Whiteboard.
You create a project plan the same way you would draw the plan on a physical whiteboard.
Below the Whiteboard is an interactive Gantt chart which shows when tasks start and finish.
To the right are reports where information on the project is clearly presented.

Why is project scheduling so important?

  • Reduced downtime. People are never double-booked or unnecessarily idle. This saves both time and money.
  • Accurate forecasting. Know exactly when your project will complete and when all deliverables will be met.
  • Stay informed. See the effect of a delay on the entire project timeline, so you can take action before it's too late.
  • No guessing at delivery dates. Without a project schedule, you don't know your project end date until you get there.

Why GamePlan?

  • GamePlan visualizes your plan for effective communication and collaboration.
  • GamePlan allows you to check the status of your projects at anytime from anywhere, so you make informed decisions.
  • GamePlan lets you give realistic timelines to stakeholders and take action early to avoid project delays.
  • GamePlan enables you to plan your projects, track their progress, and complete your projects on time.